Friday, February 8, 2013

Lyrics by XJ Hall.

verse 1
man, i'm fried
i'm sick and i'm tired
i applied online
but i'm not getting hired
i applied my mind
but i'm just getting fired
now what does that say...?
i'm too dope to be trying
i lose hope and i cry
why god oh god why
what the hell does this have to do with the bible?
this aint for the frightful
i'm on a mother fucking tight rope
but i'd rather take the chance and dance
freelance while i'm not that spiteful
can't rely though on societal means
to fulfill and achieve my dreams
what the hell is a dream when it's somebody else's?
all these dreams came off a shelf
a factory pumping out the lines
selfless thoughts and mindless minds
propaganda tube controls the views
but if it's up to me i'd rather choose

keep me doing the things i do for you
i'm on a roll i'm on a roll
cause if you keep a man with a plan locked in a room
you're in control you're in control
and i aint freakin having that


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