Monday, February 3, 2014

crappy lyrics

well this is my first attempt this year at lyrics, actually over a year. they're kinda crappy.
o well, practice makes perfect.

crappy lyrics

tic tac paddy wack let's go
cross a jack, light a match, i got a house full
and it's been 4
since the first war
on the opposite side
and i don't even know

what they cried about
was he delerious?
a wolf in sheeps clothing
what he so serious...?
like i got something now
just to even hide about
paranoia keep me in a
secret hide out

while it's light out
but when it's night out
i steal the bright out
from the lamps across the street

i'm defeated at my feet
there's no exit free
the hate within me builds connections

the elephant survives
but no, he floats
oh how beautiful he glides
over a sea of blue green
it's serene
he flies
for real
-this time

watch the show, the display
of affection he get's
from the stage
and the eyes in collection
peer through the blinds
to the inside of mind
where they look and reveal
everything that they find

on the other side
of the dark wall
this side
a mirror, a man thin and tall
while they watch it all
and peer
are they near or far
cthey can see through this skin
but can they see the scars

ladies and gentlemen
-the freak
you've all been waiting for!
just caste your vote for debauchery in this box
go ahead don't hesitate or waste another
you wanted your X-J
take your next step